The Bay of Karteros is located at the exit of the homonym Gorge, 7km east of Heraklion and extends to the east for 3-4km. It is named after the Byzantine General, Krateros, who in 824 AC landed on the beach with his ships in order to liberate Crete from the Saracens, but was defeated.

On the vast bay, there are two settlements, Karteros and Amnissos. The area has grown so much that the two villages are now united. The main reason for the rapid development of the area is the small distance from Heraklion and the vast beach with the fine golden sand. The sandy beach, stretching along the bay, has a length of 3km and there are many hotels, restaurants and beach bars nearby. Karteros Bay is open to north winds and the water is usually wavy. The water is shallow and there are no rocks, apart from a very few places.